Maastricht Consultancy Day 2016 December 1st, 2016

SCOPE | 3MA’s annual Maastricht Consultancy Day took place on Thursday 1st December. The aim of the day is to provide students with the opportunity to get to know numerous well-reputed companies like McKinsey & Company, Korn Ferry Hay Group or United Digital Group by participating in workshops, presentations, interviews, a company fair, dinners and drinks. 
Likewise, companies have the chance to explore Maastricht University’s talents and present themselves to the future workforce.

For those of you who were unable to attend or unsure what it was actually about, we have asked students to share their event experience. Below you can read what one Master student and a member of the organizing team said.

Master Student
What made you sign up for today?
As I am graduating in January 2017, this event is especially interesting for me. I would like to start my career in a consultancy and have the opportunity to approach companies directly.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned today?
Team work is key for success.

What do you think about the offering of companies who are present today?
I missed KPMG but besides that I was very happy with the offering of companies. I also liked the ASI CV checks.

Would you come here again?
I would, if I wasn't graduating already in January.

Member of the organizing team
What motivated you to become part of the planning team?
Studying in Maastricht can be quite one sided from time to time, so I was looking for something next to my studies. Both of my roommates were organising an event and introduced me to the SCOPE framework. The idea to connect my studies with a challenge and working in a team on a professional and also personal level motivated me to become part of scope. In February, the recruiting started and I was really interested in organising an event, to have a look behind the scenes. So I applied for an interview and everything started moving.

What was the biggest challenge in organizing today’s event?
For the event itself there are a lot of upcoming struggles and challenges you as a committee will face. All of these challenges can be achieved with a reliable and motivated team, where work goes hand in hand. The feeling that something is missing or someone forgot something does not leave your mind until you packed your bags and left the hotel.
The biggest challenge in these events is definitely to achieve satisfaction for every participant. Making sure that the companies have everything they desire, the students get enough opportunities to prove themselves and the committee still enjoys the event next to their work. The minority of events will take place without any mistake or trouble. Making sure everything seems to be going smoothly for external participants is the main aim.

Why do you recommend students to take part in this event?
One of the most important reasons, why students should participate in the Maastricht Consultancy Day is the great opportunity to take the first step towards professional working experience. We as the committee and SCOPE | 3MA build the bridge between students and professionals.
Therefore, students can experience the scenario of real job interviews and real life working cases, receiving feedback on their working abilities and gaining further insights into consulting or other branches. After such an event the student is able to indicate whether he or she is interested in a certain industry or company and perhaps even gets an internship offer.
Also participating as daycrew or company buddy has many advantages, especially if one is interested in a particular company. Throughout the day the buddy gets to know the company and gains a detailed insight.
I would definitely recommend to everyone to participate in recruitment events, to take the first step towards your future.