Ray Goodsir

Ray Goodsir is the founder of G.T.C. - Goodsir Training & Consultancy. G.T.C. targets 3 main areas: 1. Strategic focus: No two companies have the same strategic focus because no two companies are at exactly the same stage of development. To clarify strategic focus, Ray concentrates initially on the 3 critical business model elements of who are the customers, what products or services do you want to sell to them, and how will you deliver these products or services to them? Strategic Planning methods used, such as SWOT for example, will vary according to the specific organizational situation. 2.Strategy execution & Business Analysis: Effective strategy implementation & business analysis both requires knowledge of Organisational Structures, the processes, information & IT systems needed to support the strategy, and the behavioural characteristics of the people who will in fact determine the success or failure of the implementation. Ray has knowledge & extensive experience with the elements involved here. 3. Consultancy & Sales training: This is aimed at professionals who need to understand how to successfully develop their businesses e.g. external & internal consultants, university groups who wish to commercialise their knowledge, lawyers & architects. Trainings given here include SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, Client Management, Talent Management, Workshop Facilitation & Presentation skills