INKOMPASS Lunch & Workshop

INKOMPASS Lunch & Workshop March 23rd, 2017

INKOMPASS is a global initiative from Philip Morris International that offers an internship experience to those who would like to discover their potential. This is a 2-cycle internship program which enables students to discover themselves, their interests, strengths and areas of development through continuous feedback. The goal of the program is to prepare you for a fulfilling career, giving you a chance of receiving a job offer with Philip Morris International even before you graduate!

You're nearing the final stages of your time in school, so you're probably busy looking forward to what lies ahead. Maybe you're even thinking about taking an internship somewhere to prepare you for all this.

Sounds like you're a smart one. But even smart ones have a habit of settling for less than they're worth. You shouldn't. We think you should try out for our internship. Because it's the most exciting, thrilling, international, learning-curve-steepening, smart, professional, responsibility- bearing and jealousy-inducing internship around.

We'll sum it up:

• international experience

• real business projects (no coffee runs for you, unless you're a caffeine junkie)

• a real salary (no joke, actual money in your account)

• a potential job offer before you graduate (you like us, we like you, we hire you. After you graduate, that is.) 

Day Schedule:

12:15 - 13:20 h Lunch
13:30 - 15:30 h Workshop
15:30 - 17:00 h Networking Drinks

Students of all nationalities are welcome to join.