Honorary Member

SCOPE | 3MA proudly announces its first honorary member: Ray Goodsir


Ray's unique contributions, advise, initiative and openness make working with him a great experience. 

Thank you Ray, SCOPE | 3MA is looking forward to maintaining this friendship!

Ray Goodsir about his experiences with the association: 

On checking my records, I see that I first became involved with SCOPE | 3MA on November 17, 2004 when I was asked to give a keynote speech for the Maastricht Consultancy Day (MCD). The theme question for that day was whether or not consultancy services addressed genuine needs, or were simply fashionable, shallow, attention getting sales tools. My presentation was entitled “The Singer or the Song”, meaning that there is nothing wrong with the profession of consultancy, but that you can get good and bad consultants and consultancy companies.

I was speaking as a founding partner of a management consultancy company called DCE Consultants. We were based in Amsterdam and grew to 250 people in the mid 1990s. My reason for being there was to assess the suitability of Maastricht business school graduates as potential recruitment candidates.

I was very impressed by the ability of Maastricht students in general, and by SCOPE | 3MA members in particular, to express themselves clearly and competently. This is an essential consultancy skill and I had not found the same ability in many students from other universities in the Netherlands.

I was also particularly impressed by the quality and efficiency of the work done by the SCOPE | 3MA MCD committee under the guidance of the SCOPE | 3MA board. In fact in 2004 we hired our first SCOPE | 3MA Maastricht student, Bart Pluymakers who was president of the Congress Board at the time.

In the following years I was often asked to either host or make presentations for MCD & HRM day events. In fact, I think there was only one year in which I was not involved with a SCOPE | 3MA MCD or HRM event. Over the years, the business association between DCE Consultants became stronger as we hired some people and asked others to help with doing a “stage”.

As I grew to know SCOPE | 3MA and the members of the committees and boards, I formed several friendships which have carried on after the students involved have graduated. It appears to me that SCOPE | 3MA members are very dynamic, enthusiastic and hard-working people. To balance this, I saw it as one of my main responsibilities to help the various board members to learn to relax after working hours in intellectual environments such as can be found in several Maastricht establishments like the Preuverij. This was generally successful and no deaths or injuries have yet resulted from these activities.

I would also like to thank SCOPE | 3MA members for teaching me a lot. This may sound strange as I am often used as a speaker to dispense “older-man” wisdom. It is my strong belief that learning is always a 2 way street; this was once compellingly put by my acting coach & director who said “when you can no longer learn from younger people, you are dead”!

Things I have learned from my association with SCOPE | 3MA range from simply being kept up- to-date with how students today think about work and the life opportunities that they see, up to what modern communication tools they see as important, how they use them, what entrepreneurial opportunities they identify in today’s market place, and, sometimes, how we might work together to realize some dreams.

I cannot of course mention the names of all the SCOPE | 3MA people I have met over the years, but of the names that people in the room may know are: Sander Adams whom I met in 2007 and who is now very active with me in organizing certain events in Amsterdam; Mike Bakker whom I met in the same year and who keeps promising to play a bit of piano & guitar at some stage; Karel van Eechoud & Philippe Brouwers whom I met in 2008; Thijs Geradts whom I met in 2009 when he was president of the HRM day; Anniek Swillens, Ingmar Moust & Marianne Boschloo whom I met in 2010.; and then last year when Johanna Carstens was president of the MCD day with committee members Patrick, Kristina, Kim, Laetitia & Jonas; and it was of course at the same time that I met your current SCOPE | 3MA president Lynn Veld and her board members Hilde Beck, Ireen Rempt, Karin Kerkhof, Christina Volkmann, Patrick Mack, Maxmilian Klesse & Christopher-Alexander Battle.

Let me close by simply saying that it is a great privilege for me to accept the offer of being the first SCOPE | 3MA Honorary member. I will certainly do my best to contribute to the ongoing success of SCOPE | 3MA.

- Ray Goodsir at the 18th GMA